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The death of universities?

In a article by the CEO of 2Tor, John Katzman argued that some universities can not adapt to the upcoming changes in technology and economic conditions. This lack of flexibility will eventually lead to their demise.

The main points made are that costs at universities are rising too quick, mergers in the traditional school space dilute quality, traditional schools can only compete on a very specialized front.

Katzman goes on to say that Online education is the way to resolve many if not all of these issues and help keep the traditional schools alive.

He offers a model to help them scale their student base and increase revenues while keeping quality the same. The downside of this model is like taking a regular brick and mortar shop an just listing its catalog online. 10-15 years ago that worked, but today, people use technology in very different ways and have new devices all the time. Why not rethink education as a whole? The MOOC model offers multiple points of teaching, low cost and is completely online. One of the most impressive parts of the MOOC model is its ability to adapt.

Fact is that education will not be solved with one new model. It may be solved by a model that can adapt and learn by itself.

While bringing older schools into the current decade is a good business model, I personally think there are many thousands of students yearning for a new experience, a new way of learning which is not tied to one school or one teacher. Imagine being able to learn from many schools at once and learning from your fellow students, more than one teacher and being able to stay “in school” for your whole life? That is a true life long learner.

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