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The top 10 Fastest Growing Industries – #3 For-Profit EDU

IBIS World just published a report about the fastest growing industries even in a somewhat tumultuous economy.

The breakdown which is an interesting mix of industries is as follows:

Generic Pharmaceutical Manf.

Solar Panel Manf.

For-Profit EDU

Pilates and Yoga Studios

Self Tanning Product Manf.

3d Printer Manf.

Social Network Game Development

Hot Sauce Production

Green and Sustainable Building Construction

Online Eyeglass sales

Fastest Growing Industries Full REPORT – IBIS World 2012.


From my personal perspective, I think EDU is on there because the traditional education system is no longer sustainable and technology is now enabling us to access education when we want.

If we look at the list from an investor standpoint, my attention flows to the Green materials, Pharma and Education. They have massive needs, strong revenue models and lots of fragmentation. There will massive failures in these sectors and massive wins. The only downside to these three sectors is that they are somewhat susceptible to the 2012 Presidential Elections.