Mobile Advertising 2012

Marin Software put together an awesome report about the state of mobile advertising in 2012. It can be found here. Some of the most interesting highlights are the following: Google is estimated to generate $5.8 billion dollars from Mobile … [Read more]

The Rise of Micro-Education

Recently lots of folks have been talking about online education and where traditional schools will go long run with all the new technology available. I personally struggle daily to keep up with all the new online learning platforms like MITx, … [Read more]

My Data Button Initiative for Education

The Obama administration announced a plan to help students access their own data from various schools via a simple button. The so called "MyDataButton" initiative is building on the success from the Green button for energy conservation and Blue … [Read more]

Marketing Education to the Military

For Profit schools have been receiving a ton of heat since 2010 since the Department of Education started investigating marketing overly aggressive marketing practices. More recently for-profit schools have been under attack for aggressive … [Read more]

What is the Minerva Project?

The Minerva Project is a new elite university created by Ben Nelson, the founder of Snapfish. It also has Larry Summers the former President of Harvard University for its board. In this interview Ben Nelson highlights the core principles of the … [Read more]

Virginia High School Students forced to take Online Classes

Virginia became one of the first states to require online classes and courses as part of the regular curriculum for 2013 high school students. The original post is here.  Why is this important? It shows a few major shifts: Public schools … [Read more]

Laureate Education S1 IPO

Laureate Education announced that they were looking for investment bankers to get the company ready for an IPO. The S1 for the company has not been filed as of April 12, 2012 but is expected shortly. What does this IPO mean for the for profit … [Read more]

Startups are Destroying the US Economy

In the past few weeks, I have been lucky enough to visit a variety of conferences regarding entrepreneurship. One of the most recent events was sponsored by Bain Capital and the Accelerator at the University of Texas at Austin. It had three … [Read more]

How Mobile Growth will Fuel Advertising for Years

The Business Insider put together a great presentation about where we were in terms of mobile growth world wide and smart phone penetration globally. It had some amazing insights which are summarized here, but I also wanted to provide a … [Read more]

Exponential Interactive IPO S1 filed

Exponential Interactive, an Emeryville, CA based ad network filed for an IPO on March 16, 2012. The Exponential Interactive original S1 can be found here. Here are some interesting details from the S1 filing: Exponential's CEO - Dilip … [Read more]