Why the MOOC is redefining online education

The MOOC for the past year or so has been evolving very quickly. It really took off when the Stanford AI class shot past 250,000 students. Since then the model itself has been refined and several startups have aligned themselves around the … [Read more]

Lead Gen and Mobile

Lead generation on mobile is still somewhat a mythical form of advertising. Some are buying lots of cheap inventory and driving lots of leads. I consider this the brute force method. People don't like filling out lengthy forms on their phones but … [Read more]

Yahoo Axis and SEO

Yahoo! Axis is the new browser plugin by Yahoo! which allows people to once again "browse" the web in a visual interface. My initial thoughts on the interface: It is fast! It is also much more intuitive to use than Bing's Social Search or … [Read more]

Facebook vs Adsense

Facebook is due to IPO within the next two days and the analysts on the street are wondering how Facebook can keep its current multiple long term. Is Facebook the next Groupon? In my opinion, I think Facebook has some interesting plays which … [Read more]

Google+ Hangouts on Air and EDU

Google just announced that Google+ Hangouts on Air will be available to everyone worldwide. What is a Google+ Hangout? Google+ is a Google's social network which is more based on friend discovery which is different than Facebook's model of being a … [Read more]

Edu Lead Gen Long Term

Often I write about how EDU lead gen is being battered by the current administration and the stock market. Today, I wanted to take a slightly different perspective which is more of a long term view. For the past 10 years for-profit EDU companies … [Read more]

Can the government trademark “GI Bill?”

On Friday, President Obama issued an executive order that will limit or regulate how for-profit schools will be able to market to and recruit military members. In the order President Obama stated he would like to trademark the term "GI Bill." The … [Read more]

Obama Slams the For-Profit sector over misleading Military members

Friday, April 27, 2012 President Obama will sign an executive order today that will greatly limit the For-Profit EDU sector from marketing towards military members. The order is a result of Senator Tom Harkin's efforts to curb the for-profit … [Read more]

The top 10 Fastest Growing Industries – #3 For-Profit EDU

IBIS World just published a report about the fastest growing industries even in a somewhat tumultuous economy. The breakdown which is an interesting mix of industries is as follows: Generic Pharmaceutical Manf. Solar Panel … [Read more]

Trusting EDU Lead Gen Again

In 2010 the EDU market essentially ran out of gas and has been forced to come up with more sustainable fuels to keep the system going. The EDU lead gen market went from a booming industry to an industry that had two parties, vendors and buyers who … [Read more]