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My Data Button Initiative for Education

The Obama administration announced a plan to help students access their own data from various schools via a simple button. The so called “MyDataButton” initiative is building on the success from the Green button for energy conservation and Blue Button for veterans to access their own data.

The plan has several objectives:

  • Standardize education data
  • Allow students to easily and quickly access records from multiple institutions.
  • Allow for the tech community to build new applications and strategies with public data
  • It will allow students to download their financial aid data so it can be imported to other programs

The initiative could lead to new funding opportunities for local communities, it could also give us a much better picture of how students perform by race, income level, location, household income etc. This data could also be used to preemptively spot lower performing students and provide them with more tutoring.

This series of initiatives could run into potential FERPA regulations but the government is treading lightly in regards to privacy issues. To find out more about the MyDataButton please visit the or the Whitehouse’s official statement on the Data Button.

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