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Google adding Facebook Ad Features

Google recently launched a “why these ads” link on your search results page. This link gives users more info about how Google collects information and how they show you ads.  This feature is actually quite similar to the original feature Facebook launched a few years ago and has since deprecated.

I would take a guess and say that the vast majority of people on the internet these days do not fully understand how Google makes billions of dollars each quarter.

In theory the feature is a good idea, telling the consumer more about how things work. Reality is that sometimes people are not ready to know this or don’t want to know.

Also, this becomes yet another “privacy setting” a person has to manage. I really hope someone comes out with a mass privacy setting tool. Now that would be worth paying for.  Imagine being able to set all of your privacy settings across every tool and website you use. It would simplify life incredibly and make you feel comfortable again.




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