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For Profit Education Seal of Approval

Hmm, this one is interesting. An organization called the Coalition for Educational Success is creating a new “seal of approval.” The news was published on the Inside HigherEd website here. 

This article was interesting on so many levels and here is why:

Pros of the seal and organization:

1) Great branding which may build trust with students.

2) Self regulation is good

3) The coalition obviously has the ear of many government officials and is not shy to showcase it. 

Cons of the seal and organization:

1) Not all schools are onboard. Major players like Kaplan are the voice of the organization in many cases. What is preventing the big guy from pushing his agenda on everyone else and potentially crushing competition?

2) How will this seal be portrayed to potential students? What will it mean to them? Without this element, the seal is worthless. Kind of like making a new currency, if no one believes in it, it has no value.

3) There is no evident enforcement plan. Can you lose the seal once you get it? Who will penalize you if you make a mistake? Is there a penalty at all?

As much as I would like to say this is going to be useless, this organization might have legs to it, especially since Harris Miller is no longer the head of APSCU.  However, I think the next few months are crucial, if more schools don’t sign on the organization will fall apart and it will leave the for profit sector with a need for a unifying organization.

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