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Ellen is Multi-Screen

Ellen Degeneras hosted the 2014 Oscars last night and was clearly sponsored by Samsung during the show.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.37.41 PM

To her credit, she managed to take down Twitter with her group selfie picture.

Think about that for a moment. She took down one of the largest internet services in the world.

This clearly showcases how fragile our internet infrastructure is and it also showcases that the masses are ready for a multi-screen experience. Ellen took advantage of a live medium with a very broad audience and showcased that not only are people willing to participate, brands are also willing to jump on the bandwagon. Being part of the largest re-tweet to date, Ellen managed to get major brands, like AARP to participate for free.

If Twitter wasn’t having such an issue with the bandwidth, I am sure her true impact would have been much larger. At the time this article was written the photo had been retweeted nearly 2.8 million times.

This one interaction marked several changes in the market which all brands should take note of.

  • People obviously have another device right next to them while watching TV.
  • People want to feel like they are participating in a live show, not just watching it.
  • Motivation and coolness are fleeting. EG – the incentive to re-tweet the photo today is almost non-existent.
  • People will do virtually anything if they are told by people they trust.

As a marketer, there are tons of opportunities that these four realizations can lead to. No matter what your content or message is, timing it correctly and anchoring it to a voice that people trust is paramount. Otherwise, you are just shouting into the abyss where no one can hear you.

Ellen may be the harbinger of truly interactive multi-screen content. Being that it took a large scale live event to bring this concept to the forefront, it may indeed signal that multi-screen is more suited for live events rather than pre-recorded content.

If I had to guess, I would say that this “challenge” of creating the most re-tweeted photo is met with other challenges from other shows and celebrities. While this novelty is quickly burning out, the mavens of this experience will be working on new games, commerce experiences, charity events, and other types of content distribution.

Thanks Ellen for realizing that technology and marketing can seamlessly integrate.


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